A film by Rugby Filmmakers Collective

Written by Jake Barnes


This is your chance to join an exciting film making project, the brainchild of the newly formed Rugby Filmmakers Collective.


The film is called “Immersion” and it’s a thriller/horror film about to be filmed entirely on location in Rugby. With the support of Rugby Borough Council and Rugby Cineworld, this will be the first production of its kind in the town’s history.


The script has been created by local writer, Jake Barnes, and a core team of young, local creative professionals has been assembled to start work on the project. We now need actors and crew to join us for the filming phase, which will take place primarily within Rugby Cineworld, the film’s main shooting location.



Who says you need to be in London to be part of a great filmmaking project? We are reaching out to the incredibly talented local community in Rugby and the surrounding areas. We need:


• Actors for the major roles – experience preferred

• Extras – no experience needed

• Wardrobe staff

• Screen and special effects make-up artists

• Production assistants

• Audio and lighting technicians

• Props team


While aiming for a highly professional film product, we want this to be a great experience for everyone involved - so we aim to make this a fun, learning experience. Don’t worry if your past experience is limited, there’s plenty of room on the team.

When an innovative cinema chain introduces immersive technologies to enhance their film experience, it has unexpected and deadly consequences.



It should have been a good day at work for bubbly cinema assistant Ava Williams, aged 21. Her best friend Jaye would share her shift, Alex, the cute guy she’d had her eye on would be working and it would be the last day for Chris, her hated former manager. But it would also be a day of field trials of the cinema’s new experience- enhancing ‘immersion’ technology, delivering mood amplifying chemicals via airborne micro-doses. When staff members are found brutally murdered, Ava discovers she’s in a fight for her life.



Rehearsals will begin in early June 2018, with filming taking place in mid-July. Since the kind people from Rugby Cineworld are allowing us to shoot in the cinema after business hours, you’d need to be ready for some very late nights. Rehearsals and production meetings will take place at a local Rugby venue at more sociable hours, during evenings and weekends.


No. The Rugby Filmmakers Collective is a not-for-profit association whose aim is to give local people valuable experience in acting and filmmaking that will help them progress toward paid-for gigs.


Any profits from the project, through the film’s distribution, will be ploughed back into future filmmaking projects.


If you’re an actor between 18 and 35, take a look at the short character profiles below and decide who you could portray best and most enjoy playing. Some experience for the main roles is preferred, but this could have been gained in theatre productions.


If you’re looking for a non-acting part or non-speaking role, just let us know what skills you could bring to the party.


Just send us your details using the form at the bottom of the page. We’ll then invite actors to send video auditions prior to formal auditions and arrange meetings with crew members to explore what you can contribute.


Trailers for the film would be available through social media channels (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.). Full distribution would be managed through the Distribber service, that lodges film content with on-demand streaming services, including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Netflix, Xbox, Crackle, Hulu and others.


Ava Williams (Main Protagonist) (Casting Age: 18-23 y/o)

Ava is a very bubbly, pleasant girl, who is slightly stuck in a rut and unsure about her future. The story centres around her day, start to finish, and her emotional journey from excited, happy and upbeat, to broken, desperate and terrified. Typically she wouldn’t put herself out there, and would prefer to be part of a team rather than stand out. She is extremely friendly and sees the best in people, and is devastated by the events that occur towards the end of the movie. She is able to fight back, but only after reaching breaking point.


Jaye Taylor (Casting Age: 17-25)

Ava’s best friend. They work together. She is very self-assured and confident. She is always ready to talk about the latest gossip, and tries to encourage Ava to be more than the slightly shy girl she is. She is a big part of the first half of the film, and is a smiley, optimistic force who supports Ava heavily. She is the first to die, which is a pivotal point in the development of the story.

Alex Miller (Casting Age: 20-23 y/o)

Ava’s crush and fellow cinema worker. He is secretly very troubled, with very well hidden mental illness. Outwardly, he is cheeky, flirty and confident, despite having severe self-confidence issues and suffers from schizophrenia with auditory delusions. He and Ava are seen throughout the whole film.

Chris Moore (Casting Age: Mid-Thirties)

He is a cinema manager who has been “let-go” after accusations of sexual harassment and voyeurism of his staff. The day of the film is his final day at work. He is creepy and sleazy, but tries to avoid confrontation during the events of the film. He is revealed to be the masked killer at the end.

Luke O’Neil (Casting Age: 18-24)

Obnoxious, loud but kind hearted, he is the secret boyfriend of Shannon Hughes, although he doesn’t really try and hide it. Plenty of jokes, and unsubtle sexual innuendos are a big part of his dialogue, but it’s primarily a front for his slightly softer side. He is a big part of the tail-end of the film, and goes through the worst of the events with Ava and Shannon.

Shannon Hughes (Casting Age: 18-24 y/o)

Self-confident, kooky and no-nonsense. She makes futile attempts to hide her relationship with Luke, but is aware that most people already know. She likes being interesting and unconventional. She cares very much about Luke, and sees through his “laddish” personality. She is a big part of the tail-end of the film, and goes through the worst of the events with Ava and Shannon.

Paul Forrester (Casting Age: 30-50 y/o)

Primarily a confident businessman, he is the “face” of the new “Immersion” technology being introduced into the cinemas. He is first seen at the start of the film giving a speech to company board members. His priority is thorough testing of the product, but is also extremely excited by it.

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